THE V presents TRANSLOOK® The World 1st Transparent Display Solution for...

This new customized TRANSLOOK® which showcases a Korea's treasure called 'Gilt-bronze Incense Burner of Baekje' simultaneously with interactive contents usin.

Limon instala máquinas expendedoras sensibles a la temperatura - Si sube la temperatura baja el precio!

The hotter the day, the cheaper the drink. Limon & Nada, a Spanish lemonade brand owned by Coca-cola’s Minute Maid, has set up vending machines that offer discounts according to how hot the weather is. Why aren't all the drink machines this way?

A whole new seamless shopping experience we created for sports brand Nike at the 11teamsports flagship store in Berlin.

A seamless shopping experience created for sports brand Nike at the flagship store in Berlin.

Chaotic Moon co-founder Ben Lamm has created a touch-screen enabled table for Pizza Hut to let customers customise and order their pizzas and then play games on it whilst your wait for your order.

Because Some Days You Just Want To Customize Your Pizza On A Giant Touchscreen Tabletop

Pizza Hut + Chaotic Moon Studios Interactive Concept Table, build your pizza on a touch screen table is actually really really cool!

LUST | Graphic and Interactive Design | Grafisch en Interactief Ontwerp

how interactive media may develop in the future years, to the point where we will no longer have straight forward household objects or single use furniture.


Interactive Window Transforms Live Street Traffic Into BMW Concept Cars [VIDEO

Interactive Window Transforms Live Street Traffic Into BMW Concept Cars [VIDEO] - PSFK: we're inspired by the idea of an interactive exterior display