Mick with Keith Puppet, Sebastian Krüger

Sebastian Krüger is a well-known German artist, who receives international recognition for his incredible caricatures of celebrities. The artist is considered

[ Elton John ] - artist: Paul Moyse - website:

Elton John Caricature Photo: Caricature painting in Photoshop. This Photo was uploaded by TheMoyses


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UFO Art Featuring Keith Richards  There is lot to see in this painting of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. Of course the Classic Flying Saucer above but you can also see the Twin Towers and the reflection of Brian’s face in his glasses.  Sebastian Kruger Keith in NY, 1991 Acrylic on board 39 3/8 x 27 ½ in 100 x 70 cm  Source

Keith Richards was also the inspiration for world-renowned pop realist Sebastian Krüger, who painted Keith in NY in

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Mr. Bean - illustration of Romeo Raileanu

Bean - illustration of Romeo Raileanu