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Some of the man faces of this gorgeous man ♥.

Repinning because I adore this photo!

Thank you, Thomas William Hiddleston, for existing in this world.

Ok, I'm sorry for posting so much of Tom... HAHAHAHA just kidding. I regret nothing.

Hiddles and his freckles

So handsome, adorable, wonderful, respectful, funny, caring, and everything women look for in a man!

Tom Hiddleston-amazing at any angle!

CA Girl  Tom, you're so cute when you try to be fierce.

Tom Hiddleston makes these kind of faces. <--- still adorable <---truth!

Loki <3 #tomhiddleston  #loki

Hiddles Tigress on

Tom Hiddleston amazing eyes really just fantastic.

Tom Hiddleston, he just looks soo cute in this picture, my heart skipped a beat. <3

Tom Hiddleston quote this is beautiful he's so inspirational and positive and I love that about him :}

Tom you really oughtn't stare at the camera like that. It's...rude.

Tom Hiddleston-I love how this man eyes is like looking through my soul!

Tom Hiddleston @Misty Rindlisbacher Explain to me what is NOT to like here. *dead*

Tom Hiddleston Schroeder Schroeder Rindlisbacher Explain to me what is NOT to like here.

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston


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Suit combo!

Suit combo!