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Coronal Mass Ejection

(solar-storm-fueled auroras)---- "Eagle Lights"---The central light ribbon in this image resembles the head and beak of a bird, flanked by a radiant wingspan. The photo was taken in Grøtfjord, close to Tromsø in northern Norway.

Under the night sky Wonders of Nature. Aurora Borealis over Volcano, Iceland Milky Way Over Siberia Under the night sky - Celestial Fire.

Aurora Boreallis

Rainbow God's Always with Rainbow Nature God's Rainbow Natural Aurora Boreallis Made by Rainbow God's combined with Rainbow Nature God's Rainbow Power 😉❤💛💚💙🌈

The northern lights in the UK photographed by aurora borealis expert Jim / B.

The northern lights in the UK photographed by aurora borealis expert Jim Henderson - Telegraph

aurora borealis - Bing Images

Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition. The gorgeous green and red lights cast by the Aurora Borealis dazzle as they reflect off the water, creating a beautiful wall of color over Hogtuva Mountain in Norway.

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Northern Lights Fairbanks AK -

These otherworldly swirls of multicolored light decorate the Alaskan night sky from September until about April almost mandating you take a winter trip to the U.’s northernmost state. The best spot to view the lights is from Fairbanks or Anchorage


Dverghamrar, Iceland Dverghamrar Aurorae One of the rare daytime pictures of the Aurora Borealis on allwomenstalk travel