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How Air Conditioning Changed The United States - All Day

How Air Conditioning Changed The United States - All Day

Lewis Hine: Indianapolis newsboy, 41 inches high, 1908 by trialsanderrors, via Flickr

Long before the 'Child workforce Act' was enacted."A Little Shaver, Indianapolis Newsboy, 41 inches high. Said he was 6 years old., by Lewis Wickes Hine

Vintage Maple Sugaring Photos from the Library of Congress | Modern Farmer

Seven Vintage Shots of Maple Sugaring

Record breaker: American Charles Lindbergh successfully flew the Spirit of St Louis from New York to France in May. He won $25,000 from hotelier Raymond Orteig and claimed the U.S. Medal of Honour and the French Legion d'Honneur

Is this where the men who tried to beat Lindbergh crashed? Frenchman identifies tiny island off the Canadian coast, where he believes aviation pioneers crashed

Charles Lindbergh flying over Paris in My of 1927 after his historic crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.

Charlotta Bass ran the California Eagle for 40 years

Charlotta Bass, owner and operator of the largest black newspaper, the California Eagle.

In 1940, four teenagers in France took their dog, Robot, to investigate a legend of a tunnel that led to treasure in the woods. Robot ran ahead and sniffed a hole made by an uprooted tree. The boys descended into the hole and found a cave full of paintings. The 17,000-year-old art is incredibly valuable for exploring our ancestors. One theory suggests that, in a flickering flame, the paintings are designed to appear to move, making them the earliest animated motion.

5 Dogs Who Changed History

New York Telephone Wires, 1887 - 02

The insane mess of telephone wires over New York in the 1880’s [3 pictures]

Alexander Graham Bell (March 3, 1847 – August 2, 1922) - a Scottish-born scientist, inventor, engineer, and innovator who is credited with patenting the first practical telephone. Pictured here at the opening of the long-distance line from New York to Chicago in 1892.

Alexander Graham Bell Is the canadian who invented the telephone. Picture shows Bell placing the first New York to Chicago telephone call in 1892

Rosa Parks, Current News, Park Photos, Civil Rights, Public Domain

20 Amazing & Rare Photo's from the Past | Part I

Presenting 20 Amazing & Rare Photo's from the Past

20 Amazing & Rare Photo's from the Past | Part I

Image result for ww1 at el arish

Image result for ww1 at el arish

Penn Station 1911. Photo from the Corbis Archives.

The original Penn Station, New York, NY - demolished in A tragedy in terms of architecture.