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Rapunzel as Queen Clarion, Jack Frost as Lord Milori, Anna as Tinkerbell and Elsa as Pervinca

Rapunzel as Queen Clarion, Jack Frost as Lord Milori, Anna as Tinkerbell and Elsa as Periwinkle<<<YES! <<< I would like this so much better if I shipped Jackunzel, but I ship Jelsa. Still fabulous, tho.

from an old edition of "Walt Disney's Giant Story Book"

Walt Disney's Cinderella - illustrations by the Walt Disney Studio, adapted by Retta Scott Worcester. Story adapted by Jane Werner from the Walt Disney Motion Picture Ahhhh i loved the illustrations in this book so much!

Le Principesse Disney rielaborate in chiave moderna | Your Hi-Tech

Little Red Riding Hood .Disney: old story - new ending illustrations by Seventy Two / illustration and design, via Behance

little mermaid minimalist movie poster. I really like the idea of minimalist art for a nursery/kids room.

Sleepy beauty. Aurora

"Hayden Williams Fashion Illustrations Disney Divas for Vogue by Hayden Williams: Aurora" i want all of these as art prints.

Stunning!!! Whoever created this is very talented, creative, on point, has a great eye, and possessive of a beautiful imagination.

Elsa and Anna from the Disney Movie Frozen.seems I drew this a little late.I gonna say,I love the sisters.And my favourite song of the movie is Life's too short(outtake) &nbsp;from the original sou.

Snow White my ass.... This is what you really are!!! Love it!!!

Shalom Harlow as sexy Disney princess snow white photographed by Francois Nars

Historical Versions of Disney Princesses by Claire Hummel | POPSUGAR Love & Sex

Historical Snow White

Pin for Later: These Historically Accurate Disney Princesses Are STUNNING Historical Snow White Claire used material from 1500 to 1530 for Snow White's makeover.