Secret Supper by Eva Kosmas Flores | Adventures in Cooking

Secret Supper

Cute way to set up drinks for a social gathering! Secret Supper by Eva Kosmas Flores

i don't care how dumb it sounds. i miss hanging out with my bestie sooo much..

Dance in the rain every chance you get, and when you do; remember who you are. Remember that no matter what storm comes your way, you can always dance in the rain.

"Everything's Rosy" ~ Erin & Charlbi Dean Kriek by Margaretha Olschewski for Cosmopolitan UK ~ Fashion: Sairey Stemp

Fun picture to do with a bff or sisters

Every summer girls post pictures of them jumping at the beach, this one is actually clever and cute. This would be so fun to attempt

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#wattpad #diversos Fotos de vários temas disponíveis, espero que gostem! / Pictures of different themes, I hope you like it! #24 IN RANDOM


On the Road - Online retailer Nasty Gal launches a new campaign starring Anna Speckhart and Valerija Sestic. The girls go on a road trip throughout Norther