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Tattoo by Mitch Allenden

High quality inspiration by Sneaky Mitch Allenden. I love Sneaky Mitch!

American traditional style rose and hot air balloon tattoo

whimsical neo-trad tattoo, rose and balloon. Jinxi's Interview with Neo-Traditional Tattoo Artist Jim Sylvia - Jinxi Boo - Jinxi Boo

Rocketeer sleeve, funny! So detailed too!

Great Comic Book Tattoos

Comic book style tattoo sleeve by Lou Molloy Too cool, Im geeking out a little bit! Cool for those of us from the comic book era!

Geisha Tattoo Designs and Geisha Tattoo Meaning

Tattoo art in "girl" japanese geisha tattoo. Geisha full back tattoos Japanese geisha is generally not a woman who is ill repute.

Giraffe tattoo @Ashley Walters Thibeault I would love to have this

Giraffe tattoo Walters Walters Walters Walters Thibeault I would never get this, but it's beautiful.

Golden lion tamarin monkey tattoo by Daniel Gensch at Bläckfisk Tattoo Co

Tattoo Idea!

It's creative shark tat made on right side of head. Shark is colorful and divided into two parts. One part includes tail and other bigger part includes body and head.