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I love how the green gloves match the color of her hair and lipstick. And possibly the poison in the bottle... hmmmm maybe a steampunk poison ivy?

tophatandgoggles: “ another great shot of Strange Like That Cosplay modeling some piece’s from Clockwork Couture’s tea girl gear fashion line. you can get outfitted here:.

Steampunk-Mantel Gothic New-Wave Top-Produkt verschiedene Größen | eBay #SteamPUNK ☮k☮

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Hippolyta.  She is the queen of the Amazons and is Theseus' bride.  She needs to look cool, feminine, match Theseus, but she also needs to be a little masculine.  What I like about this outfit is the spilt dress with pants/ leggings underneath.  It makes it look masculine and feminine at the same time.  That is really what I like from this picture. I want to make sure that the outfit is not only modest, but that it is obviously modest. The leggings/ pants must CLEARLY not be bare skin.

Steampunk photoshoot for black-garden. Model: Agnieszka Koseatra Juros and photographer: Tomasz Wnętrzak. Clothes by Black Garden & Lady Ardzesz