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Jimi Hendrix ,otras imagenes

Jimi Hendrix: Legendary guitarist and songwriter for the Jimi Hendrix Experience & Band of Gypsys. Dead from asphyxiation as a result of wine and sleeping pills on September Only weeks before Janis, and also at the age of

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Cass and Jimi

The Jimi Hendrix Experience; Mitch Mitchell, Noel Redding and Jimi Hendrix. Circa 1969

Jimi Hendrix, The Guitar Legend's Life In Pictures

The Jimi Hendrix Experience at their manager’s flat off St Martin’s Lane London Image scanned by Sweet Jane.

Jimi Hendrix

1969 Woodstock Jimi plays the Star Spangled Banner the Greatest Guitar Performance in history

1967 Jimi Hendrix

1967 Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix what a genius & what mastery he had over the Guitar!

My favorite guitarist, Jimi Hendrix. I like his music because you can feel the soul in his guitar playing and I like his story.


guitarist 🎸 jimi hendrix (seattle, washington † kensington, londres portrait (musicien collection without instrument)

JIMI the tats are shopped on obviously but an interesting image

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Jimi Hendrix at the Panhandle Free Concert, San Francisco, 1967

babeimgonnaleaveu: “Jimi Hendrix at the Panhandle Free Concert, San Francisco,

Jimi only ever had 1 friend of mine see him live in Toronto in 69 he said how amazing he was !

Could Jimi Hendrix, Rock’s Teflon Fashion Plate, Have Withstood the Stylistic Landmines of the

Jimi Hendrix and Carmen Borrero, 1968

Jimi and Carmen Borrero.sitting in the stadium where later he'll perform. Carmen is a Puerto Rican model and former playboy bunny.