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blargh more like too less but whatever

This user is thankful for their friends.

I mean I got y'all internet pals, but. an outside friend would be nice.

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I feel like it's a cliche emo thing but wolves are high on my favorites list


They fun to watch play with eachother

This user knows they are short, please stop using them as an arm rest.

This user knows they are short please stop using them as an armrest.

♠ darcy admires his father, who supported him through his transition & struggle with mental illness. when legally changing his name, he naturally chose 'jack' as his first so he could be his father's namesake. of course, when jack darcy, sr. committed suicide after a long struggle with mental illness of his own, the younger darcy was devastated. he now follows in his father's footsteps as a private investigator & connoisseur of local cold cases at his dad's old detective agency ♠

The outcast that, somehow, helps solve a murder mystery before the police, and has the guts to write it all down. Long live our juggy