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Jardins Suspensos da Babilônia

Jardins Suspensos da Babilônia

The pyramid of Djoser, designed by Imhotep in 2600 BC. This building is noteworthy for a host of reasons. That its architect is known is a historical first, besides it being the first Egyptian pyramid. The columns in the arcades were designed to look like papyrus plants and were a direct inspiration for the much later classical Greek column orders. The pyramid itself was designed as a stack of Mastaba tombs, the traditional Egyptian tomb design.

Jardins Suspensos da Babilônia | Notícias | The History Channel

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Ruínas do 'Mausoléu de Halicarnasso' (Bodrum, hoje). # Bodrum, Turquia.

Jardins suspensos da Babilônia.

Lindo de se ver. Eu tenho dois ipês amarelos na minha chacrinha em Goiás.Ipê-Amarelo, Brazil

Jardins suspensos da Babilônia