Temporada 3 de Sherlock: mini-episodio precuela

Temporada 3 de Sherlock: mini-episodio precuela

Pure hotness. This is why all of our American men should go study abroad in England for a year. So they can be like these two lovelies.

Giggling in Buckingham Palace. Sherlock and Watson. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. One of my absolute favorite scenes :-)

So very pretty - John Watson & Sherlock Holmes Season 3 promo Pictures - Get more Season 3 photoshoot pics here: (Sherlock mid-shots (Sherlock mid-shots (Sherlock full length) (Sherlock.

I would like this in a large frame, please.

Sherlock Returns To BBC One In January

A haunting new photo and poster for Sherlock Season 2 has been released by the BBC. The poster also contains story clues.

Benedict Cumberbatch, When I was scrolling down it looked like the Rubix Cube was flying at his head!

Benedict Cumberbatch telekenesis: because on the birthday of the Rubik's cube, solving it is not enough.

Keep your eyes fixed on me please will u do this for me

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