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Haha, I used to have this posted up in my old office. A friend of mine printed it out and gave it to me. Thanks again Dave! :P

Even batman is telling me to get going on my art/writing ideas! All I can say is yes sir batman sir!

Female Avengers

Female Avengers

just a practice……at first. (I'm sooooooooooo sleepy……I've finished my school works today,I can do anything what I want since tomorrow!

Static Shock

Blood On The Tracks: Where Are The New Black Comics Writers? - Bleeding Cool News And Rumors

DC Comics partnered with Milestone to create a mostly-minority superhero universe. Static is Virgil Hawkins, caught up in gang warfare and a "big bang" when toxic chemicals changed him and the gangbangers - BAZINGA! He's electromagnetic! Created by Dwayne McDuffie (the showrunner of the animated version, "Static Shock").

Milestone Media Returns to DC Comics as "Earth-M" - Comic Book Resources

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Static Shock… When I was Little Kid I Didn’t Realize the Significance or Symbolism of a Fictional Character Cartoon Starring and Based around a Young Black Teenage SuperHero with SuperPowers in the.

Emotionally Corrupted, FLASH 'Black Lantern'.

Emotionally Corrupted, FLASH 'Black Lantern'.