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"Do the work, enjoy the work, take it seriously, don't take yourself seriously." —Tom Hiddleston

"Do the work, enjoy the work, take it seriously, don't take yourself seriously.

This precious gentleman. He should be an example for all.

Tom Hiddleston: The Missing Disney Prince

I never realized that I love Tom Hiddleston until this moment and now I have a new top 10 celeb : awww that’s so cute, why the media doesn’t talk about him? I’ve always known him as the bad guy in Thor ☹️ Thanks for sharing this post

11 Tom Hiddleston Gentleman Moments To Swoon Over Immediately, Because He Truly Is A Real-Life Prince Charming

Proof That Tom Hiddleston Is the Perfect Gentleman

When it comes to swooning over British heartthrobs, Tom Hiddleston is always at the top of my list. Which is why I wasn't surprised to see that Hiddleston had ranked third among UK Glamour's Sexiest Men of (Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dorna…

Tom needs to remember he's not actually Loki....or is he ? ;) <-- he definitely is..

Tom needs to remember he's not actually Loki.and that the Avengers aren't real.<<< um, NO - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!


No performances were performed in the making of this motion picture lol.Tom Hiddleston- King of Sassgard <- Ha! So funny!<-- I love sassy Tom

Betcha sang it in your head. I totally did.

The rhyme and rhythm are a bit wibbly-wobbly at times, but it's pretty cool. Only like the Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter and LOTR (and The Hobbit) verses though.

The Power of special effects. Jeremy looks unimpressed.

Special effects

Funny pictures about Scarlet Witch's Hands Movements. Oh, and cool pics about Scarlet Witch's Hands Movements. Also, Scarlet Witch's Hands Movements photos.

Loki'd!!  part 1

Maybe that is were Uncle Rick the idea of the chapter named, 'Come to the dark side, we have pop-tarts'! Loki still had the pop-tarts'!( Magnus Chase and the gods of ASGARD)

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