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Which has the greater effect on human development: heredity or environment?  Scholars have debated this question for years. Almost all experts would agree, however, that the effects of your heredity cannotbe easily separated from the impact of your environment. You are a product of the interaction between the two. Negative family beliefs and behaviors are often passed from generation to generation.

Our generation.

Dialogue Prompt -- "They blame our generation.but have they ever stopped to think who raised us.

Doing what she loved.- Definitely an interesting bit of dialogue!

Most Funny Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Life Quote Dialogue prompt – “She died doing what she loved: swearing profusely” Sharing is Caring

You think it's stupid but you still go with her to meetings and shows. in an act of desperation you decide to plot her way close to him so she'd see he's not so great up close. it backfires and you end up...


Meanwhile, after you've developed a certain kind of stupid scorn for him (having utterly skipped the fangirl phase) you meet satan, who develops an interest in you and you end up keeping your relationship a secret.

I mutter this under my breath at least a hundred times a day. And I really am praying when I say this. Though I know that patience isn't an attribute He's chosen to bless me with, so the untraceable handgun is looking more likely. But then again, I'd have to decide who I'd like to shoot first. Probably myself.

"Lord give me patience or an untraceable handgun." I muttered that a lot lately and surprisingly I seemed to get the untraceable handgun much more offen.

I like these. Different from the typical "we hate each other but we're being forced to marry but we end up falling in love anyway"

AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL PLEASE add the "we love our kingdoms enough to have willingly entered into an arranged marriage and AFTER getting married, we slowly fell in love.

Last time I checked, you were tied up to a chair by 'witty remarks guy'. Why are you on his side?! "I have a name you know," 'witty remarks guy' said before Lana could answer, "Of course I'm not going to tell you it though. And duh! She's on my side because I may be evil but you have to admit, I am one amazing comedian!

"There's no need to involve my family in this. I like them, and they appreciate my witty remarks way more than you do." "It's true, hon. You've got to admit, he's pretty funny for an evil mastermind.

dialogue prompt

"wait, with my gun or with my pen cam?" "Are you insane? We can't have people suspecting you. <<<<<<<<<<<< This is dialogue from Firefly: season 1 episode 1 "Serenity"

And then there are writers. Who occasionally forgets that they are humans and also have to shower.

" I told you that you should not taken a bath yesterday. She sits beside me scowling awfully as a smile pushes its way onto her face. I cluck to Euphoros and Dale before saying " Quote " " Good to know. " She still looks at bit mad for doing