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"I'll look after you" "Promise?"

Doctor Who -- The Doctor (Ten) and Rose Tyler -- "I'll look after you.

- Her first hello and his last goodbye . right in the feels

Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor.

Aren’t you a beautiful boy…

Funny pictures about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Oh, and cool pics about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Also, Aren't you a beautiful boy.

I now ship 11/Rose. And 10/Rose. And 9/Rose. And just the Doctor/Rose in general.

"You can't forget a Rose, they're too beautiful" The Doctor will always love Rose >> That comment, beautiful. God I wanted that to happen so bad, I wanted Rose to come back and meet eleven and them have a scene like that.

bite me, fanboy | - Doctor Who Series 1: “Dalek”

Rose is amazing because even though she thought she was going to die she wanted to make sure the Doctor was going to be ok. She said exactly what he needed to hear, because she know he could not handle more guilt. This is why I love Rose.

"Hey look the round things" "I love the round things" "What do they do?" "No idea"

Gotta love the round things. I kind a love that War Doctor's TARDIS went back to the round things after Eight put all that whatever, pillars n chairs n crap, in his.



According to come of my co-workers I have "the best facial expressions." Maybe I should add this one to my long list?

Ten and rose - britain is a cruel, heartless land where no joke is unacceptable

HE IS HOLDING A ROSE! Ten and rose - britain is a cruel, heartless land where no joke is unacceptable

Rose Tyler and The Doctor

no one can really top the doctor.and no one can top rose as a companion.even though nine and rose comes as a very very close second as my favorite pair up.

Nine and Rose and Ten and Rose. If you don't ship them, you're wrong.

Nine and Rose/Ten and Rose - Doctor Who Fan Art - Fanpop

Her name was Rose. And a tear streamed down my face. I swear, every single time I see one of these my heart breaks all over again :(

The Doctor has an Argument by CaptainAki13 on DeviantArt

Aww, I miss them

Rule The Doctor Lies. He was probably gone for a really long time, going through very pensive or introspective experiences, but knew it was only 12 seconds for her.

I felt the same way! I was disappointed when I found out that Rose was in it, be she wasn't herself and wouldn't see Ten. But in the grand scheme of things, she played an incredibly important role in The Day of the Doctor... But then again, Rose and Ten were my favorite

That saddest part is it's right after war doctor says "I could kiss you" and she's like "oh that happens" and she's right behind him and he's like did you say bad wolf 😭😭😭😭