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Klaroline Yayz my first (not sketch) Klaus x Caroline pic! I tried to capture their characters but I have to say that drawing Klaus is quite difficult to me... @.@ But he got his stubble this time....

Ive been watching Vampire Diaries a lot lately. Im a Damon fan, so season 3 episode 19 made me pretty happy. So yeah just a quick doodle of Damon and El. Never Let Me Go- Damon and Elena

Image de Stephanie,we run

Steroline kiss by Keep-the-Dream-alive (Marisa Minervini) on DeviantArt

Klaus&Elena: "Just between us girls"

LOL so I just noticed what Klaus says in this scene and I just lost it there.

Defan&Dalaric: "Even the bear knew"

XD Damon is crazy as always but Alaric's line was totally KO for me. XDDD So, this scene was just EP. Even the bear knew