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You may not sleep, Cas, but your creepy alter-ego does.

Look at that cup compared to Jared! The SPN fandom never forgets how big moose are

You can't simply put a moose post without the Supernatural fandom posting Jared…

supernatural is scooby doo for adults

This is why I love Supernatural. Supernatural is Scooby Doo for adults Jensen Ackles Jared Padeleki Misha Collins meddling kids cept the ghosts and ghouls are real.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester - Supernatural 1x04 "Phantom Traveler"

I love how Sam claims to dislike this music, but knows Metallica by Dean's humming. Dean's taught him well.

Jared is truly amazing: the way he plays soulless sam, ezekiel, and sam.

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Charlie was so cool.

The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo - She's kinda like the little sister I never wanted. - Charlie Bradbury, Sam and Dean Winchester, Supernatural

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not taking that chance Me, either Anyone who would take the chance is an idiot and should be shot on sight! I CANT RISK IT!