Ikebana with submerged materials by sogetsudc, via Flickr

This crystal vase was perfect for the stems of peppers that I partially submerged in the water.

IKEBANA SOGETSU Gallery of Akane Teshigahara Works | Sogetsu and Akane Teshigahara

Alocasia odora leaf seems to resonate against the rotundity of the ceramic bowl. Magnolia quinquepeta augments the warm feeling.

Unlike conventional flower arrangements, which emphasizes on colour and the bloom of different flowers set in a vase, Ikebana pays attention to the overall line and form of all plant material used, and emphasizes minimalism and asymmetry.

AN INTRODUCTION TO IKEBANA Saturday May to doors open at tickets Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangements, dates back to cover 500 years and is still practiced as a highly respected cultural art form in modern day Japan.


Focusing on the shape of the vase. Isolation materials, green Carnations and an Aspidistra leaf.