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Atticus Sitting with His Chilldren - Shows Him Being an Only Father

Book Atticus Reads to Scout most Nights

One of the Many Conversations Atticus and Scout have

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In Ch. 26, school begins again. As she walks past his house every day, Scout begins thinking again about seeing Boo Radley. One day in class they have a discussion about Hitler's dictatorship. Scout is troubled by how much the teacher hates Hitler. She asks Jem if it's okay to hate anyone at all. When she brings up the night of the trial, Jem gets angry and yells at her. Atticus tells Scout that Jem is trying to forget something that's making him very angry.

Chapter one: In chapter one, Scout and Jem meet Dill Harris, who's staying next door at his aunt's house. Dill, Scout and Jem spend the summer playing together and talking about Boo Radley, their elusive, ghost-like neighbor. Dill gets Jem to run up and touch the Radley's house. Everyone in the town thinks Boo's crazy. They say he stabbed his father with scissors when he was a teenager. Dill is fascinated with the stories about Boo Radley.

In chapter six, Scout and Jem spend their last night with Dill before he leaves town. The boys decide they should go look into the Radley's window. They make their way to the Radley's porch but are frightened away by someone's shadow on the porch. Jem gets his pants stuck in the fence as they are leaving and has to leave them behind. Mr. Radley begins firing shots at the tresspassers. The kids nearly escape. Jem sneaks back to retrieve his pants later that night.

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in Ch. 14, Scout asks Atticus what rape is. He explains it, but she still doesn't entirely understand. Aunt Alexandra finds out about the kids going to Cal's church and gets mad, and later tells Atticus to fire Cal. Jem and Scout get into a fight that night because Jem was being bossy. On her way to bed, Scout steps on something and finds Dill hiding under the bed. He tells them he ran away from home and stays with them for the night.

In Ch. 11, Jem gets angry at Mrs. Dubose for saying so many rude things about Atticus. He finally loses it and ransacks her yard, tearing apart her bushes and breaking the baton he bought for Scout. As a punishment, Jem has to read to Mrs. Dubose every day for a month and a week. A week or so after Jem finishes his punishment, Mrs. Dubose dies. Atticus explains that she was a morphine addict and wanted to get off it before she died. Atticus said she was the bravest person he knew.