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Atticus Sitting with His Chilldren - Shows Him Being an Only Father

Book Atticus Reads to Scout most Nights

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Atticus and Scout would always read together

The Caine Mutiny (1954)

Great movie-the book is good too!

One of the Many Conversations Atticus and Scout have

In Ch. 26, school begins again. As she walks past his house every day, Scout begins thinking again about seeing Boo Radley. One day in class they have a discussion about Hitler's dictatorship. Scout is troubled by how much the teacher hates Hitler. She asks Jem if it's okay to hate anyone at all. When she brings up the night of the trial, Jem gets angry and yells at her. Atticus tells Scout that Jem is trying to forget something that's making him very angry.

In Ch. 13, Aunt Alexandra begins seriously interfering with Scout's way of life. She wants Scout to be polite and proper and ladylike. Alexandra impresses her beliefs on Atticus, who isn't entirely comfortable with them. He tells Scout and Jem that they need to be polite, gentlemanly and ladylike. Scout is offended by the way Atticus talks, but he says that he doesn't expect her to remember any of it. He returns to being the kind father Scout knows and she is comforted.

Just picked it up on Blu-Ray DVD. Nice!

The African Queen (1951)

Way up there on my movie list.

Fiddler on the Roof-Movie or play, always wonderful!