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de Ale Garattoni | moda, maternidade e branding

Dúvidas ou desafios na carreira? Coloque no papel para resolver!

Dúvidas ou desafios na carreira Coloque no papel para resolver! |

Tumblr convo: animal intelligence is measured by obedience... So are HUMAN students in school..w especially the American education system

O artista espanhol Luis Quiles

their words mean nothing till you give them power and make them so .................................................................. for similar pieces preorder your copy of m&h:

My aunt told me this, I need to remember it☺️ she told me not to let anybody elses opinion change what I think of myself, I said I was average, she disagreed, she said I'm anything but average, that i was extrodinary, smart, and perfect in my own way, that she loves me, and more, nobody else would tell me this and mean it like she did, I'm so lucky to have her, she's my BEST friend, and I love her more than the stars in the sky

Don't take judgements to heart. Who judges anyway??? Accept the fact ignorance is among many. Sad but true! No one has time for that shit! Get it together. Don't offer your opinion on someone else's situation or character, it's a bad look! ✌️ Stay focused on what matters most, your own shit! Don't let opinions of others bring you down. What others think of you is none of your business! #betough #bejudgementfree #opinionsarelikeassholes #letitgo #lifelessons #tipoftheday

O melhor exemplo, muitas vezes é o mal exemplo.

"I am self-propelled; fueled from within. I appreciate people’s opinions, but I’m not attached to them. I learned a long time ago that if I give them the power to feed me, I also give them the power to starve me." - Steve Maraboli