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Mobile de feltro Facebook: Entre as Linhas e as Agulhas A gente entende se a pergunta “o que você quer ser quando crescer?” parece um desafio acima do normal. Pra quem não tem uma resposta certeira e pontual é mesmo -- e não há problema nisso. Perdidos por aí, aposto que existem aqueles que flertam com a Matemática, mas acabam por escolher a Geografia. Ou que seguem para a Administração, sendo que adorariam passar um período da vida produzindo artesanato....

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Dando vida com muito humor a objetos do dia-a-dia

Dando vida com muito humor a objetos do dia-a-dia | Revelando Ideias

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Each and every man or woman is different from one another. One of the most common questions that people face when attending job interviews is ‘what makes a person unique?’ This is one of the questions that can take you by surprise. The main reason why people are unique is because they differ in beliefs and personality -

I ACTUALLY REMEMBER WAKING UP SOME NIGHTS WONDERING WHAT WAS MISSING.. I had a respectable job I was engaged I lived in a beautiful place I had sweet car I had friends So I kept doing what I was doing I told myself that that empty feeling and that sadness was because I had emotional baggage to deal with I saw therapists I ate healthy food I got my eight hours sleep I spent time with friends and family And yet I was becoming less and less myself It came to my birthday And I had an awesome…


Jul 9 WHY I'M NOT GOING BACK TO THE DAY JOB I had felt a big change for me was bubbling under the surface for a while. To put it in context, in February, the project I was working on and loved working on, lost funding. Around the same time I had made a conscious decision to really try and focus on my career in interior design. But an entry level job at a design house (should I even be able to get one) would be half my salary. We wouldn't cope...

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Do you want your husband to lead more at home. Ask yourself: (1.) "Did my husband ever seek to lead in our marriage, but I differed because I felt it was stupid?" (2.) "Do I send a message that says, I want you to lead but only when it bolsters and carries out my desires?" You'd be fired, if you did that to a boss. Read more in "Love & Respect":

So very true--maybe, because we accepted them, taught them and showed we cared, they will become the students we would like to have for someone else. I know that is MY experience.