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LoL Am I the only one whose really focused on those rotating pinwheels over there?? >w>

LoL Am I the only one whose really focused on those rotating pinwheels over there? >w> Sayaka Iki Madoka Magica

I mean, is there any other way to do it?

"I love to ship characters" When I ell my friends that they are so confused because the think I mean i mail them. The only way I can explain it is, "Okay, are you team Edward or Jacob?

why play the violin?? Cuz violins are awesome.♥ but not as cool as violas!!!! right!?...right?  *silence*

why do all hot anime guys play violin? Just in general, why do all hot anime guys play an instrument?

Allow us some nice fan service before we see you fight for your life. Again.

After all the tragedies that I've lived while watching/reading Tokyo ghoul!

In truth we just like anyone who isn't like the social norm. We like men who make us feel like we're in the books we love.

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when it suddenly decides it's not going to load the next episode that you NEED TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED ARGH

In my case: bad internet connection, constant buffering, limited wifi, etc.


My mom would kill me even if I watched anime for 24 hours but I have a feeling this would be true if I could watch anime for 48 hours…

But this is so freaking accurate

more like when your mom is out and she phones to say that she is close to home and your never started cleaning up the house

Anime hair

I'm always debating showing my hairstylist pics of anime hair as a guideline for what I want.