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The son of the legendary hit maker is rumored to be preparing to play the role of his dad in an unofficial spin-off about the Dogg Pound. The 33-year-old young man was rumored to have been denied the part of his father in Straight Outta Compton and now he is working to play him in another biographical film. Young who also raps under the name Hood Surgeon looks like he is ready to play his father in the biographical spin-off Dogg Pound 4 Life and many people are waiting to see what talents…

Reel Urban News Now: Michael Reel appears with Leigh Savidge the original screenwriter of the biopic 'Straight Outta Compton.' Savidge sat down with ReelUrbanNews.com opening weekend of the $60 Million box office biopic for an exclusive interview. 'Welcome To Death Row' the new book by Savidge is the sequel to 'Straight Outta Compton.' "It remains a mystery to most how Leigh Savidge a middle aged white male was able to conduct personal interviews that lead to two compelling and remarkable…

Ice T - He was standing in his newly built pool with a retractable roof. He was still with Darlene back then and not yet Coco his current wife - Hollywood Hills CA 1995 -#icet #hiphop #chimodu #UNCATEGORIZED by chimodu

Tupac Hussein Fatal Yaki Kadafi .... too many just gone too soon! Miss them a lot. Its always time to remember!!! by dailydoseofwestcoast

"Our art is a reflection of our reality." Photo by @marcwood_ #StraightOuttaCompton by icecube

My videos wont convert | #Eazye #Eazy #EricWright #EazyDuzIt #NWA #Compton #CPT #HipHopMusic #HipHop #Music #Rapper #Rappers #Rap by hiphop.nation

#FlashbackFriday "It all begins with an interview with @2pac during the days of "All Eyez On Me" when he was in Milan for the Versace fashion show and we had the opportunity to meet him. After the interview the atmosphere was so serene that he invited us to hisroom a suite at the hotel Principe di Savoia where he was staying with Kidada Jones who was at that time his girlfriend. The room was impressive. The floor was covered with a carpet made of Versace cloths. He opened a bag full of…

#EazyE #NWA by eazyecpt64

Liela Steinberg: "Pac Was A Great Cook. His Favorite Things To Make Were Egg Rolls And Chicken Wings. This One Night We Were So Broke And Starving And He Made Potato Tacos And Top Romen. He Could Make Top Romen Noodles In A Mollion Different Ways- Tyreyakie Top Romen With Vegetables Chicken Or Tuna. He Could Turn A 25 Cent Meal Into Something Out Of This World. " REPOST FROM @2.pacshakur Ray Luv: "For Some One Who Articulate So Fuckin IntelligentThe Mutha Fucka Could Fuck Up Some Food. When…

#StraightOutta #LBC by snoopdogg

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