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de Clube do Design

Fotos subaquáticas vencedoras do prêmio fotógrafo do ano em 2016 no Reino Unido INSPIRAÇÃO


Amazing timing!...though, I'd love to see the shark's reaction when the Lionfish venom hits him!:

Splitfin Flashlight Fish (Anomalops katoptron) by California Academy of Sciences: The Flashlight fish has a pocket filled with bioluminescent bacteria below each eye. By flipping this pocket up and down, it can turn its flashlight on and off and spot prey deep in the ocean. #Fish #Flashlight_Fish

Translucent Leaf Scorpionfish via Maia Valenzuela: 'Lacking any other defense, many larval fish have adapted transparency as a method of camouflage—such as this tiny, see-through larval leaf scorpionfish in Hawaii.' Image credit Chris Newbert #Scorpionfish

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