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Caderno Decorado Nascimento Menina

Caderno Decorado Nascimento Menina

Ever wonder what happens in my mind when I'm thinking about a story scene? Here ya go... :)

Little Hero

Funny pictures about Wonderful Imagination. Oh, and cool pics about Wonderful Imagination. Also, Wonderful Imagination photos.

Moebius Cast On by Cat Bordhi. The technique I'm using on my current lace project!

A well-known way to cast on a moebius is Cat Bordhi& method . This is the first one I learned, and it served me well for many a moebius.

First Birthday Outdoor Cakesmash and Outdoor Bucket Bubble Bath

Love the giant cupcake, super cute way better then the two grandmas and the mom trying to use wet ones before everything gets stained! First Birthday Outdoor Cakesmash and Outdoor Bucket Bubble Bath

Fuck. Okay Okay Relationship. I will tell you something stuff. Relationships. I want to talk about the way. Men never change. The women go. But. If a woman loves her man, she'll return. Likewise, If a man loves him woman,The man will not change himself. He will let the change him woman. And If my will come to my opinion here; BAMM! I want to be with you even after I'm dead. That's simple.

which period of the day you get lots of inspiration ? ain't no sandman for me , the edgelord comes to visit me every . Truth or Lie

Please don't leave me. Not again, please.

Darkness engulfed him, slowly drowning him. His lungs burned, but he couldn’t find any air. His body fell weak. He could feel himself dying.

It's alright to scream, I'm screaming too. Why'd you think I do the things I do? For shadows haunted me like ghosts, so I became what I feared the most. // Tokyo Ghoul

I conduct fear like electricity, a man made monstrosity.