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Matt, note the differences. Neal's suit is fitted, and has a skinny tie, where as Peter's suit is too big and his tie is bulky. KH ~ Peter and Neal

Mozzie aka The hatchet for the maffia. LOL A short, bald man working for the maffia!

Mozzie aka The dentist of Detroit. LOL A short, bald man working for the maffia!

This shoe is absolutely phenomenal. Love these two. The actors are solid and Tiffani Thiesen does a great job as well. Becks

Hilarie Burton on Returning to White Collar, Sara's Baggage and One Tree Hill Memories

White Collar: Sara and Neal (Hilarie Burton and Matt Bomer)

Love This Scene From White Collar.. So Funny!

Love This Scene From White Collar. So Funny! Neal and Peter are undercover so have to swap roles, when Neal takes his advantage and does the amzaing classic Quantico 2 finger point.

Stubble is the perfect balance between a clean shaven look, and a beard. Today we're looking at the top stubble trimmer options for

Neal and Peter. White collar quotes.

I don't like when Neal and Peter fight. But the time in season four when Neal found out that Ellen died because of Peter, it was actually Peter's fault.

Love Peters face. And I love that Neal says these things because he KNOWS Peter is listening but unable to retaliate. <3

White collar quotes<<Well, he kinda did, Peter--it's not like you REALLY made that a stealthy trap or anything.


Sara:"I've never acually seen you steal anything before". Neal:"Well that's one of the perks of being my