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too bad wages still do...woman still get paid less then men!!! ☾Pinterest: Kirralaa☽

Inspiring image careers, equality, feminism, feminist, girl power by winterkiss - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

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autiecourf: “ protect neurodivergent kids with disorders other than just depression and anxiety ”

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Pinterest : vamikavats10 Insta : vamika_poetry_

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pιnтereѕт // conғυѕedтυмвlr ☾ Create quality for all by becoming an ambassador…


FEMINIST VIBES: This is true. As much as I wish women would respect themselves more and dress adequately. So yes, all women should be respected regardless of their clothes.

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Wherever you go, however you dress, no means no and yes means yes. Teach boys that NO doesn't require an explication either

El trabajo de la diseñadora Debi Hasky es lo único bonito que ha salido de la desigualdad de género y el acoso callejero.

13 Ilustraciones con las que todas las mujeres fuertes e independientes se identificarán

'Call Out Cat Calls' Anti-Catcalling Illustrations By Artist Debi Hasky Are Totally Punk Rock

33 reasons to be a feminist

In 31 states, if a woman has a child as a result of rape, her rapist can sue for custody and visitation rights. That is fucking scary

I'm not interested in your rape jokes, thanks.

It pisses me the fuck off when someone has the nerve to try or even say a rape joke , like rape is not a joke , do not try or attempt to make it as a fucking joke .