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shinjihi: “Kyoto, Japan 京都 ”

Japan - Aoi Matsuri (Hollyhock Festival), May Kyoto.

Oiran & Geisha | Geiko Momiju dancing the Kabuki Odori, my favorite...

oiran-geisha: Geiko Momiju dancing the Kabuki Odori, Japan (Source)

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よさこい祭り by ichio usui on - Yosakoi Festival, Kochi, Japan

Fête des carpes au Japon

Japanese Carp Streamers, Koinobori 鯉のぼり flown to celebrate children's day. Way back in the day how many carp were flying outside a house celebrated how many male children were in the family.

taregami - Pesquisa Google

Jidai Maturi (Festival of Age) Kyoto Imperial Pallas

Kyoto's Aoi Matsuri Festival

LIKE : Aoi Matsuri, at the Kyoto Imperial Palace Park (“Kyoto Gosho”), Japan (葵祭、京都御所.

Marika-san during the 2017 Hanagasa Junko

Kyudo bowmanship. Japan

Kyudo literally means “The Way of the Bow” and is the Japanese martial art of archery. Kyudo is one of the oldest arts in Japan.

A women wearing a traditional japanese ensemble.

Traditional geisha attire in Kyoto, Japan.

Geisha (Japanese traditional dancers) walk in the snow at Gion on January 7, 2006 in Kyoto, Japan.

Umbrella - Maiko and Geisha walk in the snow at Gion in Kyoto

Pork Okonomiyaki | Chef Taro. Oh for the love of pete, why aren't there any Asian markets here? WANT.

Lauren, here's an infographic on how to make Pork Okonomiyaki. Imagine this, but with a ton of seafood instead of pork :P

Japan Matsuri Submitted by: nicolau1206

Kids participating in a festival.

When I walk through streets in Japan on July 7. Tanabata festival. ✈✈✈ Here is your chance to win a Free Roundtrip Ticket to anywhere in the world **GIVEAWAY** ✈✈✈ https://thedecisionmoment.com/free-roundtrip-tickets-giveaway/

walk through streets in Japan on July Tanabata festival.

Mainland had it’s Obon festival a few weeks ago, Okinawa prefecture celebrates Obon this week. Obon is a festvial where the Japanese honor their dead. It is said that during Obon the ancestor…


If you’re on Oahu on Memorial Day, here’s a must-attend. Lantern Floating Hawaii is Honolulu’s version of Toro Nagashi, a Japanese tradition which translates literally as “lantern offerings on water.

Japan: live the life of high technology, eat authentic japanese food, discover the culture, speak the language, witness the sakura in spring, see  hachiko's statue and ride the bullet train.

Travel Inspiration for Japan - Sakura Matsuri - Cherry Blossom Festival, Japan

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Akita Kanto Festival, Japan - by Cris Figueired♥