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Ötzi's 3,300BCE Gear List

Iceman "Ötzi´s" gear.

Experts used multispectral imaging, including ultraviolet, visible and infrared wavelength...

This graphic shows the general location of each of the 61 tattoos on the Iceman's body. (Photograph © South Tyrol Museum of Archeology/EURAC/Samadelli/Staschitz.)

Ötzi’s Tattoos, the ice man’s tattoos (pictured) are largely seen on parts of the body that endured wear-and-tear, causing archaeologists to liken the practice to acupuncture - an ancient treatment for joint distress. Radiological images of the tattooed areas also show degenerative areas under the tattoos that could have caused pain

Scan finds new tattoos on 5300-year-old Iceman - Science News - redOrbit

After decades of analysis, anthropologists believe they have located and counted every tattoo on the 5,300-year-old mummy.