Amy Tan #SCMarksCo

Studio Calico August Kits Reveal

"Love the little bits from our trip" Scrapbook LO by Amy Tan/ Tangerine at Studio Calico.


April Sketch Challenge!

My Name is Trouble :: @Studio Calico 'Neverland' kits :: by Anna-Maria Wolniak


Love You by maggie holmes at Studio Calico My name is trouble. by ania-maria at Studio Calico journal Good Morning Kata by Sasha at Studio C.

Enjoythelittlethings  scrapbooking layout studio calico

Every Friday this month we will be introducing you to the new members of the October Afternoon Design Team! Today, we have the talented Shanna Noel and Melanie Blackburn. My name is Shanna Noel and I am.

Love: Life is Good by natalia at @Studio_Calico

> Scrapbook Layouts Vintage scrapbook layout by Cheri Weston scrapbook layout scrapbook layout

illustrations primarily with words and bubbles


For the love of Becky Higgins.