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not my cup of tea placement wise, but this is beautiful

A beautiful tattoo of a lace collar. Hearts and roses in tattoos symbolize love and passion. The tattoo artist has left enough space between the lines of the lace design to avoid the tattoo ink blending under the skin.

Nice piece

I love mandala tattoo design very much, it bring to me some good feel and hard to image. Mandala tattoo can fit both man and woman, and the most tattoo on back.

This is AWESOME!! Love the Henna design on her chest but I could do without the hands though, too much for me.

The most stunning henna tattoos in history. These epic henna tattoos and designs are everything you've ever wanted to know about the art of henna.

Really like this leaf tattoo. (Real source here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/63301805@N00/6640029325)

PParty collected fern tattoo for inner arm in Fancy Tattoos. And fern tattoo for inner arm is the best Arm Tattoos for 167 people. Explore and find personalized tattoos about fern, inner arm for girls.


Kodas paw print in between my shoulder blades with a set of wings coming down my back on my shoulder blades on each side of kodas paw print

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Personally I'm not a huge fan of chest tattoos on women, but this piece looks absolutely gorgeous.