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Como hacer una Pulsera de Cuero Muy fácil

Entre otros incluye un tutorial para hacer las pulseras trenzadas redonditas

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Como fazer um nó power para finalizar colares e pulseiras

Tying a knot that won't slip #handmade #jewelry #knotting

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How to Tie a twelve strand round plait braided whip

This how-to video shows how to use core-less paracord to make a round braid. It will be easier to tie the 12 strand round braided whip if you can already tie the 8 strand round plait braided whip. This is the overp-lait with 12 strands. Learn how to make your own whip and use your own muscle power to drive a bit of string through the speed of sound. Watch this video specialized weapon tutorial and learn how to tie a twelve strand round plait braided whip.

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How to make the Terminal Knot : Leather Braiding by John

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Pulseira de trapilho

get the summer feeling :)

When you work with leather you should use a saddle soap to prepare the strings for braiding, makes it easier to pull the strands tight. Some folks use water and soap together but I've found that water darkens the leather so I use soap alone. Other then leather and saddle soap there isn't much else you need to braid, maybe a few pieces of string to start out with but braiding is very easy with the simplest of tools.

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Snake wave knot.. Going to try it with more than one thin string to use gradient

Snake weave knot #handmade #jewelry #knotting

tutorial for making a french sennit braid - Paracord belt or my next mandolin strap