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Follow @go.photography_ for more amazing gopro photos! Photo by @jordanmariemiller via @go.photography_ by fantastic_earth

enjoyoutdoors: "Underwater life at Poda Island Thailand | Photo Dmitry Lauden #enjoyoutdoors #travel #nature #gopro"

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Photo of the Day! What a sick view of the Bernese Oberland Trio in Switzerland. Photo via Mario Lang. Share your best photos with us by clicking the link in our profile. #GoProTravel #Heli

"For a seed to achieve its greatest expression it must come completely undone. The shell cracks its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesnt understand growth it would look like complete destruction." ...words that inspired my heart today. I'm hoping they encourage anyone out there feeling alone overwhelmed by circumstances or tempted to give up. by tifforelie


Photo @lucalocatelliphoto It is impressive to fly over a 'forest' of wind turbines in the middle of the North Sea 54 km from the German coast. Some 25 wind farms like this are under construction. Hundreds of people are climbing up every day on those wind turbines with their height of 147 meters which produce the renewable energy of the future. In 2014 Germany only 0.2 percent of the energy was produced with Off-shore Wind and the ambitious goal is to reach 26 percent by 2020. This is the…

@loki_the_wolfdog loves driving with the windows down and hanging with his best buds, even while off-roading through the mud in the Aquarius Plateau in Utah. I decided early on that I would do everything I can to bring Loki on all of my adventures. At three years old, he has already been on more adventures than most humans and has seen the beauty of the western United States. Loki was born with adventure in his blood. #GoPro #BEAHERO #exploremore #borntobewild

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