Anonymous said: My headcannon for your icon backgrounder is that she is Maddies little sister bc they look so similar!! What is yours? Answer: I totally agree she does look like Maddie, that’s why I...

Lita Lindorm is the background character with pink and purple hair that dresses in lolita fashion. She's been rerooted by Ravie's Reroots, and has a custom faceup in the style of the other dolls so she looks normal/factory made alongside them.

Royal or Rebel — My first boy backgrounder!!! I personally think he...

I personally think he turned out rather cute. I’m sure my girl dolls are happy to have another boy on the shelf…teehee:) So, this backgrounder is based on another of the.

Ever After Caught RED Handed Set by AralGhostier on Etsy

Ever After Caught RED Handed Set

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Only 10 days left for the epic new adventure! Ever After High: Dragon Games™ releases on January 29 only on Netflix!

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Ever After High — EverAfterHigh# custom # Gus Crumb #      Finally...

EverAfterHigh# custom # Gus Crumb # Finally done with my version of Gus Crumb! I still need to find somethibg like a small rubber band to put on his wrist like the cartoon.

Одежда для Кена и Барби в наличии и под заказ!

Одежда для Кена и Барби в наличии и под заказ!