Image via We Heart It #anime #chibi #kawaii

Image via We Heart It #anime #chibi #kawaii

"Name them, Love them" p4. Numbered 1 and 2 on top and 3 and 4 on bottom. So to adopt just leave a name and number in comments.

Chibi commission for Remsellec (her original winged girl Remi) and Vaniraa (the other characters: Cher, Yule and Keil).

Sketch chibi commission for Mirusaki ~ Yawn she's a super cute girl really loved drawing her!

✿┞liran┦✿ 图

ADOPTED By Alli Anime on the board ME/Anime! This is Yumi, she is sophisticated and kind. She loves wearing fancy clothing. She sometimes is shy, but once you get to know her she is very kind and fun.

chibi, rose besch on ArtStation at

this is a big new print that will be available at the second moon crisis reception on august and at AWA in september! also, for those who have been asking, the printer i used to make these.

Art trade with Syn by inma on @DeviantArt

My part of an art trade with the awesome It's her Lalafell from Final Fantasy XIV. I don't usually do art trades, only with friends (when I have some ti. Art trade with Syn

Chibi commission for of their OC. Thank you~ > 7 < I always have fun with chibis <3 Her dress has awesome details~

Cell-shading chibi commission for *Twilit-Darkness Black, white and red are amazing colors, it all in one character is so beautiful! I saw she like a cute sad character, was so fuuuun make the wing.

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Ê hổ cái, em là của anh Tác giả (author): Thu Kún Mở đầu Uyên Nhi một cô gái…