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If you don’t know how to read a food label you could be sabotaging your health goals. Here are three areas of a food label to read for improved health.

Me at work today.  Everyone eating cake and cookies and I'm just like drinking my coffee.:(

Who started a today? Curse any coworkers who bring cake (or any weekend treat leftovers) into the office on a Monday right?

Leg day

Leg day

...gotta be precise with your macros at the end of the day

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Funny pictures about The Hardest Part Of Being Fit. Oh, and cool pics about The Hardest Part Of Being Fit. Also, The Hardest Part Of Being Fit photos.

this is a great resource for competitors - all about nutrition and IIFYM (if it fits in your macros)

Flexible Dieting, otherwise known as If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM), is the only diet that is scientifically proven to be sustainable, due to only one reason .

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Lol, oh 2002. 6 meals a day and BFL.

Im always hungry! coworkers at my old job used to make jokes about how many roasted chickens Id eat in a day.

This is life

This is life

Why you do this teacher

Why you do this teacher

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