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tão,tão TÃO FOFO *-*

Gravity falls, dipper looks so cute in the lamb costume. I love Mabel in the cat suit.

Book of Life + Gravity Falls: Piggie Girls by ky-nim

I feel like someone did this already but oh wellThey can talk about their boy problems and pet their piggies and pull pranks together. Book of Life + Gravity Falls: Piggie Girls

Deer Dipper by spock-sickle>>>LOVE DEM ARM BANNNNDDZZZZZ X3!!!!

Because gosh dangit he's adorable! Monsterfalls is one of the best AUs for Gravity Falls. Deertaur Dipper is perfect and adorable. I'm still partial to .

Gravity Falls

Since it can run in families, I had a headcanon that when Mabel grows up she also has twins, and every year she takes them back to Gravity Falls to see the old crew.Oh, and she still wears her hilarious sweaters ^U^ Original sketch available here.

Supernatural Poster Print Mabel and Dipper by UnicornEmpirePrints

unicornempire: Mabel and Dipper are in the Family Business! I love both Gravity Falls and Supernatural and I thought that it would be pretty wicked to do a crossover drawing so, here you go! It was a ton of fun to make.