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Image detail for -Emmy-winning actor Tom Selleck returns in his signature role as Police Chief Jesse Stone in the sixth installment of the Jesse Stone franchise, "No Remorse.

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Cowboy, Cop, Entrepreneur.  He can play them all and still be sexy as all get out.

Tom Selleck (still sexy after all these years) as Police Commissioner Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods.

PHOTOS - Tom Selleck

PHOTOS - Tom Selleck

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ThanksTom Selleck with Spike, horse from the movie Quigley Down Under. He bought the horse after the movie, awesome pin

tom bloods..he's still got it =)

'Blue Bloods' review: Tom Selleck moved to Wednesday, with a strong case... and strong ratings

I love the Jesse Stone series! Tom Selleck as Jessie Stone

"Bless them, they've done eight of these that always perform far above what's normally in the time slot," Tom Selleck acknowledges. "but they are constantly perplexed [by the thought], 'We're not in the two-hour-movie business.