They were all bragging about their scars and she felt left out so she said that she had a scar too, from getting her wisdom teeth removed.

#Arrow - Oliver & Roy #4x11 sneak peek

- Can we PLEASE take a moment to appreciate Oliver's face in that second panel. We have never seen Oliver make this face before and I love it! - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!


Olivers' face says it all. His face reminds me of someone that got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I love how Barry in the last gif has a look on his face like "maybe he does know. I'm not buying that vague and unconvincing denial.

#arrow #daddyproblems Episode 3.16

letsnevergrowupfan: “chronicolicity: “procrastinatingfan: “lordmesa-art: ““Dads” Some serious Daddy issues in the Arrow world!

Arrow - Oliver & Ra's #3x22 #Season3Finale "My name is Oliver Queen" Promo

Arrow - Oliver & Ra's "My name is Oliver Queen" Promo//I literally cheered when this happened.

Haha I love this girl XD

With great powers comes . (Arrow version) Felicity & Oliver Oh, Felicity.