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yep...For me it's too bands, One Direction. Some people call me obsessed, I call myself extremely dedicated.

For me it's two bands, One Direction and PTX. Some people call me obsessed, I call myself extremely dedicated.

oh my gosh.... I am crying [on the inside]. THIS is why I love one directon. Their music is great, they're all cute... but this...this is it. guys, please don't ever change <3

That is one of the sweetest things I have ever read Zayn Malik - One Direction quotes! ♥ hotty sexy and this is why I love him so much! He speaks the truth of all the things that I can't ever say it how I feel.

The more I read about him, the more perfect he seems.

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One Direction Pick Up Lines(GIF)

-dies- theres something wrong with me cause im straight up obsessed with you. wait what?

i love this. did anyone else have the little voice on your head shouting with all the capslock? no? just me? okay.

love this but when it said 'save you tonight' i thought it said 'shave you tonight' and i immediately got creeped out

Well then I can wake up at any time now ^_^

:D That would be a great plot twist, well apart from the being in a coma.

So the Super Bowl is a day after Harry's birthday so directioners let's get together and do something during the super bowl for Harry

Haha it should be a holiday for all the boys birthdays it is also my birthday!

Truly Madly Deeply--One Direction

Truly Madly Deeply, i am foolishly completely falling and somehow you kicked all my walls in so baby say you'll always keep me truly madly crazy deeply in love with you.

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los amo chicos :*

One Direction. Harry as much as I love you I'm not sure I love mushroom head. Your still perfect and your hair still looks lovely, but not as incredible as in august XD >>>*you're LONG HAIR DON'T CARE