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Si hora de aventura fuese anime

Amazing comic that shows my favourite scene in cartoons! For the love of god: Adventure Time is not a kid's show!

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I would trade out some of those couples for others, but hey, there're some good ones on here, like SoMa, and Kyo x Tohru

My kokoro is broken with these scenes. o<-< I needed to draw them, and maybe I will draw other scenes soon idk Rose, Amethyst and Pearl.

Vestidos a la moda

Hipster Adventure Time Characters<<< Is it weird that I ship Fionna with Finn? Cause honestly, I ship Princess Bubblegum with Marshall Lee. Same goes for Prince Gumball and Marceline.

Basic Rule In Anime

Basic Rule In Anime

Basic Rule In Anime? Basic rule in LIFE. Don't piss off the calm/chill/quiet/happy people because those are the scariest MoFos when they get REALLY angry.

naruto uzumaki, natsu fairy tail, luffy once peice, ichigo kurosaki bleach are insane

Naruto:Naruto, Natsu:Fairy tail, Luffy:One Piece, Ichigo:Bleach are insane

Japan�s Awesomeness

People Ask Me Why I Love Japan - This Is My Answer. I love this country and the people. Tokyo is the most amazing city I have ever known.