No words...!

No words...!

Yes...they were kids once...before they saved the world and Smashed the Box office

The Young Avengers

Cast of The Avengers: High School yearbook photos. Props to Renner for totally rocking that mullet! Captain America is HOTTT

NOW I NEED A MUSICAL OF THE AVENGERS!!!! Like  Cap: *singing a duet with iron man* *pauses momentarily to bash someone's skull in with shield* *starts singing again*

The Avengers Musical: Put that shwarma back where it came from, or so help me!

My Little Pony Avengers. I wish they actually made these so Scarlett could have them! May have to put Ben to work painting some My Little Pony originals being the artist that he is!

My Little Avengers.

My Little Pony Avengers. I don't usually go for this kind of thing- but pony! And the assumed gait of Pony!Loki is killing me.

Love him!

I want Loki and Captain America and The Black Widow and The Hulk to come to my birthday too. Especially if they bring Iron Man.--> I would like to have Loki over my birthday party

Guardians of the Galaxy Facts

Here are some interesting Guardians of the Galaxy facts you might not have known. I loved Chris Pratt, but knowing that Jensen Ackles was a possibility? And David Tennant as Rocket?

Nerdy fish humor #fishyhumor

Avengers fish humor ~~ Well, the orca eats both sharks and tuna. The shark eats tuna, but fights with orcas. What a trio.

Captain America Facts

Captain America Facts

Captain America Facts // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Love Marvel? Here are some interesting and weird facts you may not have known about.

Some interesting and weird facts about Marvel. ((fun fact about there's also a comic called, "Deadpool kills the entire marvel universe" XD)