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Fenris | Dragon Age 2 - dragon-age-origins Fan Art

Here’s Fenris from Dragon Age II! I’ve tried not to get hyped about Dragon Age Inquisition, but seeing the graphics and all the improvements, I.

HOLY SHIT DRAGON AGE, schmogg: In your eyes, I have seen All the...

schmogg: “ “ In your eyes, I have seen All the feeling and the rains And death is cold, death is sure Why don’’t we fall in love?


Fanart for fenhawke week! :) (I’m too stubborn to use pose references, so this might look a little weird, idk)


ALL OF THE DORIAN PLEASE. Seriously though, I generally play a female inquisitor, so no Dorian romances yet, I'm busy hooking up with Cullen. Dorian is always my Inquisitor's bff though ♡♡♡

theminttu:   I’m back to work and there’s some... | Andraste's Flaming Knickers!

I’m back to work and there’s some cool stuff coming up later this year maybe huehue but for now I only have half-assed sketches… Ages ago I saw a post floating around about how Hawke’s favor for.

36d433c7ef12e68861d30cc3dc6ef8ab.jpg 332×960 pixels

Dragon Age Fenris and Hawke <~ this is what I imagined happening to my Hawke after she got back from Adamant.