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composition/juxtaposition black and white filter the square photo uses two different pictures but combined as one to make something very unique

Melissa Paget

another melissa paget collage just bc i've loved her work for the past years


This collage points out that smoking kills. It stood out to me because of the explosives set off in the background due to the cigarette.

Marie Rime, Symmetrical states, via @patternbank

Marie Rime - Symmetrical State

Mask melds – Cosplay meets avatar meets concealed identity in an age of privacy concerns. From opera posters to MacDonalds ads, this trend is popping up everywhere.

Fornasetti plate

juggling - original design with famous Cavalieri engraving on Melamine Plate, Cavalieri art, Lina Cavalieri theme, Cavalieri variation

amy santoferraro

i’m jealous of amy santoferraro… again (The Jealous Curator)

The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of amy santoferraro… again

~~ water tribe ~~ Here's my piece for the sibling zine 🌊 you can still buy the…