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❤️❤️    ~ Veenia

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❤️❤️ ~ Veenia

Kakashi should've just removed his mask during the war and the war would've ended right there

Kakashi, Sakura & Sareda :D bet it was his eyes probably the same way Sasuke got her to stop or his sexy face

I can imagine this exactly

sasuke, sakura, sarada, naruto, sasusaku <--- this makes me really happy

When he got to meet his mom.

When he got to meet his mom.

I don`t ship this but Minato is funny. He thinks that Kushina is hard on himself that`s why he`s asking her to go easy on Naruto. Naruto is like Kushina and Hinata is like Minato.

Though Naruto takes after his mother in some ways he needs someone like Sakura to take care of him. And that's why narusaku really is perfect!