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O crescimento em sabedoria pode ser medido exatamente pela diminuição da amargura. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Ohm - The first sound uttered in our world. Would love this transferred onto raw timber panels as wall art

♡As you begin to open your heart more and more to the energy of love in each moment, you will begin to understand that the answer is indeed love. Trust in this process as a step on the evolution of our shift from the energies of duality to the higher energies of the one unity consciousness. If your mind doesn't understand, tune into your heart's wisdom, the language of love, the universe, of ONE. This is the energy that we are living with now in the New Earth ♡ ♡

Today connect to your essential eternal light, the flow of pure consciousness. When in the flow we experience a sense of oneness with everything, with the universe, with all that is. My consciousness is universal consciousness.

Alinha o teu foco com a Solução e não com o Problema!

"The moment you start watching the thinker, a higher level of consciousness becomes activated. You then begin to realize that there is a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought, that thought is only a tiny aspect of that intelligence. You also realize that all the things that truly matter - beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace - arise from beyond the mind. You begin to awaken." Eckhart Tolle

The flow. It feels good!!! Once you begin to tap into it, you want more! The flow of Spirit is addictive and is the love, peace and comfort we have all been looking for. A little effort on our part will dust away the cob webs that have veiled us from feeling it. ANY meditation that resonates with you will help you unlock and expand your energy to tap into Source.

Neuroscientists have discovered that when you ask the brain to meditate, it gets better not just at meditating, but at a wide range of self-control skills, including attention, focus, stress management, impulse control, and self-awareness.