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Jack White's amazing weirdness.

Jack White's amazing weirdness.

"This is a Polaroid I took of my sister Meg White [...]. I think she was just getting settled in before we did some other photos in our rehearsal room, but what a beauty. Sometimes I wonder if Meg is or was real; maybe I made her up & all that happened with us in our band & our travels was in my head. Perhaps it was just me on stage by myself the whole time with a six-foot rabbit named Meg. That would only explain some things, though. What a wonderful drummer to play with, so loud and…

fixedsilence: ““ This is a Polaroid I took of my sister Meg White with an Polaroid camera from the We couldn’t use it for anything we needed to release from our band The White Stripes.

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Why It’s Perfectly Normal to Have a Giant Crush on Jack White