wt benda lady illustration

Wladyslaw Theodore Benda (1873-1948) - Partie 2

The Shrine Magazine, cover by WT Benda, July 1926

The Shrine Magazine, July The Shriners published a magazine that had high enough circulation and pay rates to attract some of the best artists and illustrators.

Woman with Red Fan : Wladyslaw Theodor Benda : c1905 : Fine Art Giclee Print #Illustration

Woman with Red Fan : Wladyslaw Theodor Benda : : Fine Art Giclee Print…

By W. T. Benda

Wladyslaw Theodore Benda (1873-1948) - Partie 2

Wladyslaw Benda

W T Benda 'Farmer Sleep's' 1916 Story Illustrations. Housekeeping, In his time he was as well known as Norman Rockwell, N. Wyeth or Maxfield Parrish.

Emma Florence Harrison (1877–1955) was an English Art Nouveau and Pre-Raphaelite illustrator of poet

Emma Florence Harrison - Elfin Song, a Book of Verse and Pictures - 1912

French Sampler: WT Benda

I have always admired the work of WT Benda, his art and illustrations are so evocative of their era, he was a major influence in fashion, .


Fashion Playing Cards by Connie Lim — Lost At E Minor: For creative people i want to draw the whole deck


blua: “Illustration by Buenos Aires, Argentina based artist Diego Fernandez ” Women are the only art form that matter. Everything we do, all our drawings and our film stock is simply trying to.